I have more in common with these corporations than I do with my friends.


I have more in common with these corporations than I do with my friends.



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What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?


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Adler, Margot. "Harry Potter," Morning Edition, NPR Radio, 27 October, 2000
ADLER:I keep on being at war with a desperate desire to see the movie...
Ms. ROWLING:I know. I think, you know...
ADLER:...and that feeling of, `Oh, will they destroy my own imagination, my own Harry Potter in my head?' You know...
Ms. ROWLING:It's my belief, you know, people who have stayed with Harry for four years now, I doubt that seeing the movie could harm their imagined Harry or Hogwarts. But I know what you mean. I mean, I think a lot of people are going to feel that. They really want to see it. I met a really clever reader the other day, and this is what's wonderful about books; she said to me, `I really know what Neville looks like.' And I said, `Describe Neville for me.' And she said, `Well, he's short and he's black, and he's got dreadlocks.' Now, to me, Neville's short and plump and blond, but that's what's great about books. You know, she's just seeing something different. People bring their own imagination to it. They have to collaborate with the author on creating the world.





(yelling) gay (normal voice) lesbian (muttering) bi….. sexual……. (confused whispering) tr…………… tran…….. trans…………..ss…………………………… (booming voice in the background) STRAIGHT  ALLIES

This sums up representation of LGBT pretty damn well

(sign language) pansexual (morse code beeps) asexual

(Ancient language of the elder gods) Nonbinary


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"It’s a metapod, see"


"It’s a metapod, see"

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when a little kids telling you a story but you can’t understand them